August 17th ◈ 2019

Bookrelease “Gemeinsam sind wir Käferstark”

This is a children’s book written by Barbara Rose, and published with Annette Betz Verlag!

It’s a story about finding a safe and cozy space for winter – and possibly some unlikely friends along the way.

Have a look at some of the illustrations here!

May 29th ◈ 2019

Fairytale kid’s tableware for KAHLA

I have illustrated a series of fairytale decors for kid’s tableware for KAHLA, a manufacturer of fine hard-paste porcelain based in Kahla in Thuringia.

Have a look at some more images here!


May 27th ◈ 2019

New Children’s book released in March

This children’s book was written by Brigitte Weninger and is published with Annette Betz Verlag. It is the sequel to “Der kleine rote Pullover”. Have a look at some of the inside illustrations here!

January 17th ◈ 2019

Another Book Announcement!

Also coming in January 19: “Das Blaue Herz von Finn”, written by Thomas J. Hauck and published with kunstanstifter!

November 6th ◈ 2018

Book Announcement 2019


Coming in January 2019: “Die kleine Laus sucht sich ein Haus”, written by Martin Baltscheit and to be published with Tulipan !

Headlice versus Heads – a Quest!