March 6th ◈ 2017

Papperlapapp Magazine #5

I was happy to contribute illustrations for a story by Saskia Hula and the coverillustration for the newest edition of the wonderful Papperlapapp magazine! It’s a magazine for children, available each in german plus one of 8 different languages. You can have a look at the german-romanian version of the latest magazine here!

 (photo (c) Papperlapapp Kinderzeitschrift)
January 20th ◈ 2017

Out Now! The Night of the Elephant! °)°

As of today, the book “Die Nacht des Elefanten” is available in bookstores and online! Here’s a sneak-peek at the beautiful book with a fold-out panorama page and a laser-cut cover! And some more images can be found in the gallery


January 19th ◈ 2017

Lockengelöt lamp in the house!

I have finally treated myself to my very own specimen of this beautiful Lockengelöt lamp to brighten up my desk! 

January 3rd ◈ 2017

Bookrelease “Die Nacht des Elefanten”

This month “Die Nacht des Elefanten”, a children’s book written by Martin Baltscheit, will be published with Bohem Press!

Here’s a little insight into my work on the illustrations:



December 20th ◈ 2016

Yogi Christmas Tea at Veganz

Sighting of the new christmas tea display with my illustration in a vegan supermarket! Yay <3