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January 16th ◈ 2023

Christmas Calendar

The 2022 Yogi Tea Christmas Calendar features a tumultuous christmas bus, by far my favourite commission of the year!

November 30th ◈ 2021

Hafenmännchen Lamps at Lockengelöt

Two illustrations from the book “Die Hafenmännchen von Hamburg” (2021 Junius Junior) are now available on lamps by Lockengelöt !

November 18th ◈ 2021

Die Hafenmännchen von Hamburg

My latest book project has been published with Junius Junior! The story is an old tale by Heinrich Spiero, about helpful leprechauns in the harbour of Hamburg, who come out at night to clean and fix the old sailing boats. One day, however, a black and dusty cloud darkens their peaceful life…

The story is relevant today as it ever was, reminding us to protect our air and our water, and not to scare away the magic that lies within nature.

May 1st ◈ 2021

Yogi Tea Box Design

This spring Yogi Tea launched this Special Edition Tea called ‘Bee Happy’ and I contributed the folding box design. I loved this project, as it supports the endangered wild bees!

December 6th ◈ 2020

Two New Lamps at Lockengelöt!

This year I was lucky to add two new illustrations for the lamps made of recycled vinyl records by my dear friends at Lockengelöt in Hamburg!