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May ◈ 2012

May 31st ◈ 2012

Pilu Pilu! In 3 new languages!

The book “Pilu Pilu!” has been translated and published in three more languages.

It is now available in French, Portuguese and Basque … you can find it on the publisher’s website: OQO

May 31st ◈ 2012

“Blanche Planète” (Kamishibaï)

My book “White Planet” was released as a Kamishibaï (japanese Paper-Theatre) by Lirabelle in 2012.

You can order it at the homepage of Lirabelle !



May 31st ◈ 2012

“Krickel-Krakel-Bastelbuch” now available!


Puplished with Oetinger, Spring 2012.

You can find it in the shop !

Have a look at the homepage of the Krickel Krakels !