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July ◈ 2014

July 15th ◈ 2014

Exhibition “Promenadenmischung”

There’s an exhibition coming up on July 19th through 20th!

We have assembled a lot of illustrators with varying styles and techniques, amongst them these fabulous artists:

Jasmin Schäfer – Katharina Sieg – Anne Rücker – Frederik Jurk – Nicole Iwanow – Janine Hinrichs – Katja Ließ – Matze Doebele – Katie Oberwelland – Louise Heymans – Sonja Bougeva –
Neele Bunjes – Moritz Stetter – Amrei Fiedler – Julia Gruner – Lotte Bräuning – Maren Amini – Annika Siems – Rosi Schöningh – Laura von Husen – Clara de Villiers – Elsa Klever – Stephanie Böhm – Alice Socal – Marco Tabilio – Sebastian von Papp – Frau Mayer

Exhibition opens Saturday July 19th at 8 pm, there will be music and dancing (for those who will dare) from 11 pm till open end. DJ Team Konfetti!!!

For those who want to enjoy the exhibition on a more quiet tone: open on Sunday from 2 pm – 7 pm

And all of it happens here: Frappant e.V., Bodenstedtstraße 16, 22765 Hamburg

Hope to see you there!

July 10th ◈ 2014

App Release “Lila & Do”

My first App is here! I illustrated the lovely children’s story by Selua Christen, “Lila & Do”.

The App has options for a reader in 4 languages and a lot of fun little animations, which can be triggered by touch!

Available for iPhone and iPad in the App Store right now, over HERE!

Some more information and trailers can be found on the website:

And the english version:


July 10th ◈ 2014

New Krickelkrakel Books

4 little Krickelkrakel Books out now!

Available in bookstores and at