July 15th ◈ 2014

Exhibition “Promenadenmischung”

There’s an exhibition coming up on July 19th through 20th!

We have assembled a lot of illustrators with varying styles and techniques, amongst them these fabulous artists:

Jasmin Schäfer – Katharina Sieg – Anne Rücker – Frederik Jurk – Nicole Iwanow – Janine Hinrichs – Katja Ließ – Matze Doebele – Katie Oberwelland – Louise Heymans – Sonja Bougeva –
Neele Bunjes – Moritz Stetter – Amrei Fiedler – Julia Gruner – Lotte Bräuning – Maren Amini – Annika Siems – Rosi Schöningh – Laura von Husen – Clara de Villiers – Elsa Klever – Stephanie Böhm – Alice Socal – Marco Tabilio – Sebastian von Papp – Frau Mayer

Exhibition opens Saturday July 19th at 8 pm, there will be music and dancing (for those who will dare) from 11 pm till open end. DJ Team Konfetti!!!

For those who want to enjoy the exhibition on a more quiet tone: open on Sunday from 2 pm – 7 pm

And all of it happens here: Frappant e.V., Bodenstedtstraße 16, 22765 Hamburg

Hope to see you there!