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March 9th ◈ 2020

New Children’s Book Out Today!

Today is the bookbirthday of “Kolo, Nono und der Trollgnomfrosch”, I am so happy to share these news!

Written by multi-talented author Georg Bydlinski, who also wrote this charming song about Kolo & Nono, and published by the wonderful Nilpferd Verlag

March 8th ◈ 2020

Help the Bees with Yogi Tea

I was so happy to contribute to this Yogi Tea project, which aims to help the wild bees by putting up insect hotels and planting wild herbs and flowers!

Head over to their website to find out more!

January 9th ◈ 2020

Yogi Tea Special Edition


I’m happy to share this illustration for a new, limited edition Yogi Tea!

It is named after a very beautiful vinyasa in yoga, which is meant to bring light without and within.


December 17th ◈ 2019

3 New Designs for Lockengelöt

Jetzt zum Kennenlernpreis im Lockengelöt: 3 neue Lampenmotive!

Hier geht’s lang zum Rabatt bis zum 24.12.19


September 4th ◈ 2019

New issue of GECKO Kinderzeitschrift

I had the opportunity to illustrate a story by Melanie Laibl for the current issue of Gecko Kinderzeitschrift!