Katharina Sieg Hafenmännchen

Children’s Book // “Die Hafenmännchen von Hamburg”


„Die Hafenmännchen von Hamburg“ was published with Junius Junior in October 2021.
The story, written by Heinrich Spiero, tells the tale of the helpful little leprechauns that used to come out at night at the harbour of Hamburg to fix and clean the old sailing ships. One day however, the air is full of black dust and dirt, and a huge, howling steamship appears and marks the beginning of the end of an era…
While working on this book, which pays tribute to my favourite city, I have also packed my trunk and cleared out my Hamburg based studio, to leave for the countryside. So in some ways, the book feels like my own little farewell to Hamburg as well.
The story, although almost a 100 years old, feels very relevant still today, as it tells of the changes the industrial revolution brought with it. I hope it sparks the hope within our small readers, that someday our waters and air will be so clean again, that the leprechauns may be tempted to reappear.

You can find it in your favourite local bookstore, especially around Hamburg, but also online !